Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Sur Marathon 2010

The Big Sur Marathon starts with a 3am wake-up to make a 3:45 bus from Carmel that will take us to our start line. For those of us who walked the full marathon, that means making our way along the inky black Pacific coast to the Big Sur Ranger Station. For walkers entered in the 21 miler, they headed to the Andrew Molera Park, 5 miles north of the ranger station. Finally, there is the option to walk the 10.6 mile event leaving Rocky Point (oh the view!) or the 9 miler starting at the event finish line in Carmel and tours the unique Los Lobos Sate Park.

I knew we were in for a spectacular day when not a wisp of fog could be seen on that dark drive down the coast. The Point Sur lighthouse swooshed around the blackness for most of the drive, the stars and the milky way clearly visible through the tired glass of our school bus windows.

Once the sun cleared the horizon, the Big Sur coast boasted its finest views like a proud peacock. Audible gasps from participants could be heard at frequent intervals during the race - passing Point Sur Lighthouse, climbing Hurricane Point, snaking our way down to Bixby Bridge, catching the vista toward Rocky Point. Add to this the fun of the new mile markers, the joy of the volunteers, and the beauty of the hand-made medals at the finish line and you have the best marathon day.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twas the night before Big Sur

...and all walkers are well hydrated, fuelled, and trying to get some sleep. Good luck! We're too excited and too terrified we will miss our buses. Those of us walking the full marathon need to be on the bus at 3:45 am, those walking the 21 miler are climbing aboard at 4:30, and 10.6 mile walkers at 6am.

It was a glorious day beside the Pacific and we are hoping for more tomorrow. Pics are not posting I will try for some tomorrow. added! Top: our WoW gang after our early Saturday morning walk along Carmel Beach. Bottom: Coach Jill, in her Boston 2010 jacket - half way to completion of the Boston to Big Sur challenge!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walking the Boston Marathon

Yesterday, WoW Power Walking coach Jill Pettit, with her husband Jay, walked the Boston Marathon. Yes, the Boston Marathon which requires qualification times for entry!

Their times were amazing: 5:02:51 and 5:17:57. And that's just half the story. This Sunday the pair will walk the full Big Sur International Marathon - from Pfeiifer State Park to Rio Road, Carmel. They will be feted as two of a a mere couple of hundred who have completed the Boston to Big Sur Challenge 2010. And they will be the only two to have achieved that impressive feat with one foot on the ground at all times, walking!

I'll have more for you after the race!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre-race fun at Around the Bay

I found the perfect place to write inspirational chalk markings on the Around the Bay 30k Road Race route yesterday. The last "heart-break" hill, which would be more appropiately named "soul-destroying", at the 26k mark is normally closed entirely to traffic. This means that before the race, I could park my car at the barrier, walk down the hill, and write the chalk messages on the road without having to worry about traffic.

About 5 minutes into the task, I heard a powerful engine come up behind me and, as I glanced over my shoulder, a police officer pulled up on a powerful and large motorcycle that looked like a smaller version of the Hindenburg. (My son thinks it must have been a BMW - for those who want to know) He came to a stop and cheerily asked. "OK, who are you rooting for?."

Sadly, he had just barely spoken the word "for" when he toppled backward, the bike almost falling on top of him. He rolled down the hill and into the gutter. He looked more mortified than cheery as he lay stranded on his back in the grass.

Tactfully, I hope, I asked if he was OK. Seeing his cheery face turn red with mortification, I thought it best to proceed with my chalk messages. He certainly didn't want me helping him out of the gutter!

After a few minutes of me tactfully ignoring his attempts to right his toppled motorcycle, I realized he may genuinely need some help to get it back on its wheels. So, with me pulling and him pushing, we got the blimp standing and ready to roll.

Without a word further, off he drove!

Another race, another good story! (no pic out of respect!)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Chips that follow your every move

On Sunday I am walking the Around the Bay Road Race. While I do so, my timing chip will be sending signals to Facebook so that if anyone cares to, they can follow my every move over the course.

Well...maybe not my every move, but timed updates. It's a brave new socially, digitally networked, walking world.

The main purpose of this race is a training walk for my two destination races this spring in Big Sur and Ottawa. I hope my ego stays in check. It may be a challenge to maintain a training pace, not a racing pace, in order to impress all those Facebook friends who will giving up their Sunday to watch my race updates!

Wish me luck and stay tuned!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Get out the green

We're talking serious green at the St. Patrick's Day 5k walk for the Achilles Track Club - a wonderful race that supports disabled athletes.

The WoW team showed up in their greenest finery. Sadly, I showed up without my camera, so I am begging anyone who has some pics to send them to me.

We love this 5k event that supports a very deserving, and often overlooked, local charity. The short distance offers a perfect opportunity to get family and friends involved who don't enjoy long distance walking. (It's a sneaky way, to get them hooked!) Challenging winds and rain did not deter participants from walking, running, or smiling!

It was perfectly fitting that this race, which supports and features so many disabled athletes was timed coincidentally with the 2010 Paralympic Games.